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Why the escort of your dreams is probably in London

The image of London and the UK generally have taken a bit of a battering in the last year, with the Brexit vote, a Tory party which seems determined to shoot itself in the foot, and a slow banking exodus to Dublin and Frankfurt. However, one thing that London can still call itself the best at is that it is the undisputed capital of escorting. New York, Paris and Berlin can’t come close to the sheer variety of girls in the Big Smoke.

Thanks in part to lax immigration rules and being the birthplace of the world’s most-spoken language, the UK attracts so many young and attractive ladies, ready to learn English and make their fortune. As London is the economic engine of the country, it’s natural that most come here, and it’s easy for them to make a bit of money on the side while having fun as open-minded and passionate escorts.

These days in London, there truly is something for everyone, no matter what your tastes are, from sweet and romantic English independent companions to raunchy and erotic Latin ladies working for top agencies. Throw in open-minded Czech escorts and Russian dominatrices, and the old maxim that if you are tired of London, then you are tired of life has never been truer.

This wide choice of girls is also bolstered by some of the best forums, portals and review sites on the planet, which allow you to drill down and find the kinds of escorts that you would really match with. Want to go on a date with an escort who likes to go feed ducks in Hyde Park? Easy. Like to engage in all kinds of kinky action such as uniforms or roleplay? Then London has more open-minded escorts than you can shake a whip at, and escort search engines can get you in touch with them easier than on Tinder.

Similarly, there is a great deal of variety in pricing among London escorts. You can find so-called walk-ups in the likes of Soho where you can have 15 minutes of fun for under £100. On the other hand, if you want to spend some really quality moments with a truly classy escort lady who can take you to the moon and back, then we would suggest checking out the London escorts here on The VIP Escorts, as they are hand-picked to be good enough for, well, VIP’s….

Of course, in the unlikely circumstances that you can’t find what you are looking for among home-based London escorts, practically every companion in the world will be happy to fly in to see you. London’s large collection of airports have frequent connections with pretty much everywhere, so you can quickly and easily arrange for that dream lady to meet you in the capital of cool Britannia for an erotic and exciting escort date.

In conclusion, London is the best city in the world for the escorting hobbyist, and punters in this town are truly blessed to be in the mecca for the world’s oldest profession.